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 Armorial Art by Lee Lumbley


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LEE LUMBLEY is a digital heraldic artist and designer from Dallas, Texas, USA. He is a Fellow of the International Society of Amateur Heralds. His other affiliations include the American Heraldry Society, The Heraldry Society, the Royal Heraldic Society of Canada, the Society of Heraldic Arts, the International Society of Commoners Heraldry, and the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. In 2018, Lee was the contributing author of John Tepper Marlin, PhD's volume Oxford College Arms, published by Boissevain Books, New York. That text is currently being edited for its fifth printing. In 2021, The Heraldry Society's Coat of Arms published an article of his research along with his artwork to that text as an expansion and update to John P Brooke-Little's 1951 series. His current projects include a book and articles on the Arms of the Colleges of Cambridge University, contributing to another Coat of Arms article authored Bernhard Juby, PhD, working toward his L-RHSC, and publication of his artwork in a forthcoming volume on armorial bookplates. In 2019, He was a featured artist in the Dutch Heraldic Publication Blazeon and his work has appeared in various other publications. 


If you wish to discuss a possible commission work, please feel free to contact Lee via e-mail at or see his facebook page at Lee Lumbley, Heraldic Artist.


Thank you for visiting the site.



Oxford College Arms Cover.png
Blazoen Cover 29 Sep 2019.png

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Here is a sample of Mr Lumbley's recent work. Clicking on an image will fully open the picture.

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